Atlas Therapy according to Dr. Ahlen

99 percent of treated patients reported positive results after using the Atlas reflex therapy practiced by our state-certified Atlas therapist.

The atlas is the uppermost cervical vertebra. The cause of many complaints is a malposition of the atlas joint. The body compensates this by tightening the neck muscles.

Chronic tensions exerting pressure on the surrounding vessels, are the result. Migraine headaches, tinnitus or pain in the temporomandibular joint can develop, Also dizziness with balance disorders can occur. The asymmetrically working muscles influence the spine and the pelvis. They also cause ailments such as pelvic obliquity, herniated discs or hip and knee pain. In order to enable a repositioning of the atlas, we loosen the fixed and clamping muscles around the atlas with a specially developed „Them Per“ device, which generates fine vibrations.

The triggered muscle reflexes regulate the tension states of the muscles and have a centering effect on the atlas. Usually a single treatment corrects the atlas malposition and thus eliminates the cause of many possible subsequent ailments.

What symptoms and ailments could an atlas correction be helpful for?

  • neck pain and tensions
  • head and neck stiffness
  • scoliosis
  • headaches
  • dizziness, balance disorders, migraine headaches
  • Tense and shortened neck muscles, tension headaches
  • jaw cracking and pain (too strong bite block)
  • head pressure / sensory disturbances of the surface
  • head movement restriction ( right, left, up, down, turn )
  • back pain with a feeling of anxiety in the chest
  • pelvic obliquity
  • slipped disc, lumbago, herniated disc
  • HWS- neck pain
  • blockades of the cervical spine
  • heart palpitations / cardiac arrhythmias
  • changed blood pressure
  • insomnia with chronic fatigue
  • power loss
  • impairment of vision and hearing
  • concentration and word-finding disorders
  • orientation weaknesses

Price: 190,00 €

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