Ozone therapy – The small and/or large washing of your blood

Ozone can be used therapeutically both internally and externally in many ways.

An important procedure is the small and large ozone self-blood therapy. In this ozone therapy, medical ozone is added to the blood. A corresponding amount of blood is taken from the vein, enriched with medical ozone with a special device in a vacuum bottle and fed back into the vein.

In the case of the small ozone autologous blood treatment, this is usually 10-20 ml, in the case of the large ozone autologous blood treatment the quantity can be 50-100 ml.

Ozone stimulates the blood circulation and the oxygen supply in the body. It promotes cell regeneration, regulates the immune system and works against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Ozone therapy can also be used as a supportive therapy for cancer.

The small therapy helps among other things with recurring infections, allergies and defense weaknesses and by recovery after operations.

The large ozone self-blood therapy is particularly recommended for severe chronic inflammations of bones, intestines and liver, for vesiculitis and circulatory disorders of the heart, head and legs.

In addition to these two therapy methods, ozone can also be used as:

  • intracutaneous ozone injection into the skin,
  • subcutaneous ozone injection under the skin,
  • intramuscular ozone injection into the muscle,
  • rectal ozone insufflation,
  • ozone negative pressure fumigation
  • ozone water for flushing.

We will be happy to advise you in detail in our practice.

Price for ozone therapy:
The large ozone therapy costs 95,00 € and the small ozone therapy costs 35,00 €.

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