Dr. Şahin-principle

Dr. Sahin Porträt

Our principle is not a reinvention of medicine, it is a return to old traditions of the healing arts.

We combine modern medicine with proven natural medicine treatments. Our goal is to maintain the patient’s health in a natural way, thus preventing illness before it shows up.

If an illness has already occurred, the diagnosis comes first. In addition to a detailed discussion, modern examination methods with blood tests are available for diagnosis. Only with the correct diagnosis can a therapy decision be made.

Empathy and the doctor’s genuine interest in his patient are very important for the success of the therapy. His own confidence in the recommended therapies is essential for the patient’s trust in the healing process.

We have a holistic approach in our therapeutic process, that focuses on the unity of body and mind. We find it necessary to get away from the widespread “organ fixation”. It is not one organ that is diseased, but the whole person. In the meantime there is a specialist for almost every organ in our ever increasing specialisation of medicine. The patient, however, wants to be seen as a whole in his illness.

It is crucial for human health that body and mind are in a sensitive balance. If this balance is disturbed, physical complaints or psychological stress occurs. And this is often without conscious perception of a connection. However, it is undisputed that physical illnesses can occur as a result of psychological conflicts and, conversely, also psychological problems as a result of physical suffering.

We take the time to explore these connections with you and offer you the opportunity in our practice to correctly classify and specifically treatening symptoms.

Often it is enough that the body uses its self-healing powers to cure a disease. Nothing else is needed. For this reason, our therapies aim at activating these powers. We help you bring your body and mind back into the right balance and regain your confidence in life, with a happy and healthy attitude.

We take your suffering seriously.
Call us if you would like a consultation and would like to make an appointment.

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